Providing Innovation with Excellence     

The Gordon Technologies MWD System offers a complete MWD solution with all the required components to start and sustain operations at the well-site.
The Gordon Technologies Patented Shock Miser UBHO/Pulser Sub offers an innovative design that simply makes MWD tools work better.


“Over the years while building our horizontal drilling program one of our biggest obstacles was finding reliable MWD tools and minimizing MWD nonproductive time. Waiting on surveys and recycles had become the norm to the point that when we hired new personnel, they didn’t know it was possible to rotate surveys up successfully. We trialed different tools with multiple different companies, but it wasn’t until we gave Gordon an opportunity that we reached our needs. Since then we have been able to team up with Gordon to further improve our MWD tools beyond just reliability, but into new technologies. Gordon has been great to work with and is always on the leading edge of new MWD systems. We look forward to continuing the relationship we have with the team and what has yet to come. I encourage any operator to give them a chance to prove themselves and their tools.”
Ryan Watson
Drilling Manager